Rebecca Skurnik
Rebecca Skurnik
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Light Snow

Light Snow


project overview

I designed, staged, filmed, and fabricated this abstract experimental art piece about time, positivity, and the light in my life. 


The idea was to create a piece that would turn something with the potential for darkness into light. I designed a winter set because people tend to feel down in the winter months due to the cold weather and lack of sun. I would then introduce positive elements that would consequently provoke a feeling of lightness and serenity throughout the piece.


The set for my video was a boot which I painted white to represent the snow. I cut the boot in two spots, one by the toe, and one on the side. Inside the toe, I put pieces of colored plastic to represent stained glass to portray that something stained can be beautiful. On the side of the boot, I put my phone in the cutout where I would play the video that I would make. 


For the design on the boot, I made made small trees out of matches, green trimming, and cotton balls. I added decorative red pom-poms to represent Christmas which falls during wintertime. To add more to the decor of the set, and since I love fashion and chokers have been in-style for a while, I added a black trimming around the neck of the boot as a choker. Last, I sprayed a can of fake snow all over the boot to give it the snow texture. 


For the top of the boot, I drew leaves, copied, and cut them out and glued them facing upright onto a piece of cardboard that I cut to fit the top of the boot. 


The video inside the set

The pictograms in the video all represent things that make me happy in the winter- gifts, cozy socks, ice skating, hot cocoa, and because I'm Jewish, a menorah for the holiday of Channukah. The book in the video is You are a Badass by Jen Sincero, a motivational book on how people can be the best that they can be.


Fall 2016